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You’ll finish up the quiz with a crystal clear picture of who you are looking for, the type of man you will attract. Your soulmate Love.
It’s like going shopping for a new dress or outfit for a fun event:
To prevent you from wasting time and energy on trying on everything in the store, you think about it ahead of time. What color do I want? Do I want dressy, formal, casual? Linen, wool, cotton? Fitted or loose? You get the idea.

Plan on about 10-15 minutes to fill it out, and come out with an exciting image in your mind of the Love you are attracting. He’s looking for you now!
I’d love to talk with you about what you discovered! Send me a message or e-mail me so we can put together a strategy for you. Enjoy the Quiz!

About Linda


Where I Was…

Not too long ago I thought, “Well, I’ve already been married in my life. I’m a mother, grandmother, a sister, with many interests, friends, a home of my own, and part-time work that I enjoy. I have a full life. It’s time to live my life on my own, enjoy my independence, and move forward. I won’t ever need or want a man in my life again. That part is over…. It’s too late for real love, anyway…Is there even such a thing as true love?”

Maybe I’m not finished
with love yet…

However, after about 2 years of enjoying my independent life, I started to feel a nudge…. ”maybe I’d like to have a man in my life who just wants to go to dinner or a movie now and then.” Over the next year, while I did more healing work on myself, the nudge expanded to a full-blown, powerful desire for a high-quality,
love-of-my-life relationship! I couldn’t ignore it.
It wouldn’t go away.

I started to think about what if…?

Where does a woman my age even begin?  I knew nothing about dating after all these years. Even the term “dating” sounded so high-school to me!

As a capable, intelligent woman, experienced in professional success, I knew how to set goals and accomplish them. I even had extensive training as a coach. I wondered how I should approach this.

Exploring possibilities…

I wanted to learn more about it, so I started reading books, checking out love coaches, blogs, and videos until I figured out my own path. I have now reached a place in my life beyond anywhere I’d imagined, as a beautiful, confident 60-something woman, with high-quality, loving relationships.

So excited to share my journey!

And the more I learned, the more I loved the process, until I realized I wanted to share my formula with other women so they could discover the secrets to finding Love.

Success Stories

Go from feeling helpless, even hopeless, in trying to find the love-of-your-life–to hopeful! And then before you know it: you’re living your dream life with your Beloved soulmate!

Nancy D, Age 65

“I’m married!!!

I’ve gone from sitting back and waiting for love to happen eventually, to actively dating amazing men. My Man was looking for me and we met— easily!
Linda says, ‘You can’t mess it up with your One!’ Love will find you!”

Chris A, Age 71 (male)

Linda Geiger is an amazing coach.
I have had other coaches in the past and they have fallen short of Linda and her skills.
In the very 1st session we were able to identify my biggest roadblock, so I could move ahead quickly. She is compassionate, a great listener and wonderful in moving me toward my dream!


Vicky C, Age 56

“Linda, as a coach has been extremely present in every way.  She is an amazing listener, she sees my strengths, [helps me] apply them in my homework, and truly has helped me in moving forward on my path to meeting my soulmate!”

Dana W, Age 49

“Linda’s professional, radiant, and kind personality always puts me at ease when I speak with her.  Having worked with Linda for several months I have been able to meet my goal!,–and feel more confident in myself.  Linda’s thoughtful listening skills,and authentic approach made me feel appreciated and valued as a client.”

Debbie H, Age 61

I have had the privilege of not only working with Linda as a highly skilled nursing colleague,

but also have benefited from her coaching to realize my personal goals. Her tender, non-judgmental presence and discerning guidance is a winning combination to point you in the direction of a loving relationship!

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