"Mountains are earth's undecaying monuments.".... Nathaniel Hawthorne


Linda Woodward Geiger is the principal researcher, author, and lecturer, of (a subdivision of Vitaline, Inc.). Although she specializes in Georgia's state and county records and a variety of federal records, particularly those of the southeast region of the United States, she has extensive experience in many other geographic regions of the United States. Her personal research involves New England records. She also specializes in determining Cherokee heritage. Her list of lecture topics provides more details on specific records that she regularly studies.

Linda is an associate of the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG), holding credentials as a Certified Genealogistsm and as a Certified Genealogical Lecturersm. She is a former trustee and a former editor of the BCG newsletter, OnBoard.

In Addition, Linda serves as president and webmaster for the Friends of the National Archives at Atlanta.

Linda also conducts searches on Woodwards (including spelling variations) thourgh the United States. That research is posted at WOODWARDs WeSearch, and the related Woodwards WeSearch Blog.

When not engaged in genealogical or historical activies, Linda, enjoys assisting others with self publishing and web design.


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Views from the North Georgia Mountains